HP drop Williams-BMW

Williams have lost major sponsor Hewlett Packard after the technology firm cut nearly 1,000 jobs in the UK. The prior loss of engine partner BMW is believed to be the major factor, although HP’s press release does not explicitly state it. Williams had drawn acclaim for building a roster of respectable blue-chip advertisers, having decided … Continue reading HP drop Williams-BMW

Liuzzi stays on the bench

Red Bull’s purchase of Minardi has ended Vitantonio Liuzzi’s F1 racing for this season, and their peculiar ‘driver swap’ arrangement. Christian Klien will remain in the second RB1 for the last three rounds of the year as they try to hold off BAR for sixth in the constructor’s championship. Liuzzi is expected to get a … Continue reading Liuzzi stays on the bench

Wet and wild

In a world where a spot of rain brings tennis or the cricket to a halt, it is amazing that racing continues in all conditions. Today’s Belgian Grand Prix was a shining example of the perils of wet weather and changing track conditions as the drivers grappled with a slowly drying track. From club racers … Continue reading Wet and wild

Red Bull Light

The Minardi name is set to bow out after 21 years and, by this season’s end, 340 Grands Prix. The new owners are Red Bull, who will add a second Grand Prix team to their portfolio, and potentially cause another dramatic shift in F1’s political landscape. Since the conclusion of hostilities following the Indianapolis farce … Continue reading Red Bull Light

Rain stops play at Spa

Abysmal conditions at the Belgian Grand Prix meant that no drivers set times in the second free practice session. Michael Schumacher, Jenson Button and tyre supplier Michelin have all suggested the race could not go ahead in similar weather. It is two-and-a-half years since the last fully wet race – Interlagos 2003 – at which … Continue reading Rain stops play at Spa

BMW wait on Heidfeld

New Sauber owners BMW have confirmed a contract with Nick Heidfeld for 2007. But attempts to get him in the 06 car have been stalled by the ongoing Jenson Button saga. If Button remains at BAR, Williams have first call on Heidfeld for next year. Rumours persist that BAR have offered Williams a substantial sum … Continue reading BMW wait on Heidfeld

Morris extend Ferrari deal

Philip Morris, owner of the Marlboro tobacco brand, have extended their contract with Ferrari until 2011. This comes in spite of the European Union’s ban on tobacco advertising in sport that began last month. Ferrari are expected to run with so-called ‘subliminal’ branding although it is unclear whether the European Union may attempt to prosecute … Continue reading Morris extend Ferrari deal

Tail-end nightmares

For the past few years the F1 grid has stabilised at 10 team franchises providing 20 cars on the grid. Of these 10, it is arguable that 8 are, on their day, capable of scoring a podium finish. But does this represent quality over quantity or the death of the entreprenuerial spirit in F1? Short … Continue reading Tail-end nightmares

A1GP adds Brazil round

Sheikh Maktoum Hasher Maktoum al Maktoum added another string to the bow of his inaugural A1GP series by announcing an expansion of the 2005-06 calendar to include a round at Curitiba, Brazil. The series is set to be the second most international single seater racing series after Formula One in terms of countries visited. Round … Continue reading A1GP adds Brazil round

Finishing School

Back in 2004 European Grand Prix weekends were bleak affairs. The main event itself was frequently a Ferrari benefit with little else of note happening further down the field. And on Saturday afternoons the F3000 Championship was in the process of dying a slow death. The last year of F3000 was characterised by grids numbering … Continue reading Finishing School

Editorial: Gimme five

Ah, the championship showdown. Forget your Ashes tests and your penalty shoot-outs – this is the supreme sporting spectacle. Two of the world’s finest drivers in two of the fastest cars, one hunting down the other for a place in the pantheon of motor racing greats. And what magnificent venues this battle will be fought … Continue reading Editorial: Gimme five

de la Rosa charges Renault

McLaren test driver Pedro de la Rosa charged championship rivals Renault with using illegal team orders on lap two of the Turkish Grand Prix. Pat Symonds’ order to Fernando Alonso to pass Giancarlo Fisichella was heard on the FOCA TV coverage. But the order to Fisichella was missed.Team orders were supposedly banned after Ferrari’s fixing … Continue reading de la Rosa charges Renault

Alonso takes edge off Raikkonen’s Turkey win

2005 Turkish Grand Prix review

Kimi Raikkonen’s fifth Grand Prix win of 2005 was as emphatic as he could have hoped for. But he only drew two points closer to Fernando Alonso in the championship battle, after a late altercation between Juan Pablo Montoya and Tiago Monteiro.