Antonio Giovinazzi, Alfa Romeo, Yas Marina, 2019

Alfa Romeo need a “good baseline” for 2020 – Giovinazzi

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In the round-up: Antonio Giovinazzi says Alfa Romeo needs to ensure its 2020 car is at a good level from the beginning of testing.

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What they say

Alfa Romeo’s performance tailed off during 2019 and reached a low at the end of the season. Giovinazzi said the team must make sure it’s at a high level when the new season begins:

Me and Kimi [Raikkonen] will work really hard this winter, try to have a good baseline for the start of the season. And after that if you have a good baseline it’s much easier to work on the development. We need to have a good baseline for the first session in Barcelona.

Quotes: Dieter Rencken

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Comment of the day

@Todfod is not impressed by Haas:

They pretty much took Ferrari’s 2018 chassis, which was really strong, and then added their own input and made an undriveable car. To top it off, they had to two drivers who were consistently putting in mediocre to poor performances, who they’ve gladly singed for the next season. They go around blaming tyres for an entire season and putting Pirelli in disrepute, when they should have been building the basic competency of an F1 racing team.

While I do not want any more teams on the grid to leave F1, Haas is the team I would miss the least once they’re gone.

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  • 20 comments on “Alfa Romeo need a “good baseline” for 2020 – Giovinazzi”

    1. What with people love to speculate Hamilton will going to Ferrari? Just to be the one who can say they called it first if that actually happened? Logically there’s no real reason for him to go to Ferrari, or pretty much he has same emotional attachment for make Ferrari great again as he would make Renault great again, which is none.

      Emotionally, we heard from him that he never idolized Ferrari when he grows up. His idol is Aryton Senna which never drives for Ferrari, despite rumors that he might for ’95 onwards but that just rumors. I’d say if he still in F1 and leaving Mercedes, he’ll more likely go back to McLaren where he has big emotional attachment (and the strict bureaucratic side of McLaren that doesn’t fit him already gone) or in very distant second, Williams.

      1. Take a screenshot of that comment.

      2. I would be very interested in seeing Lewis Hamilton racing in a Williams.
        I would also like to see pigs fly.

    2. “We need to have a good baseline for the first session in Barcelona” – Norris

      “We need to have a good baseline for the first session in Barcelona” – Vettel

      “We need to have a good baseline for the first session in Barcelona” – Ricciardo

      “We need to have a good baseline for the first session in Barcelona” – Russell


      I guess what Gio means is Sauber cant outdevelop anyone (except perhaps Williams) so they only have a chance at points early… Guess they have historically done a good job then.

    3. Both VB and Kimi have done rallying while Guenther has done co-driving, so that’s three F1-persons in the world of rallying at some point.

      I agree with the COTD, especially with the last phrase: I also wouldn’t wish for any of the existing teams to cease from existence, but Haas is a team I would miss less than, for example, Mercedes, or Renault, or Mclaren to name a few.

      1. @jerejj Toto Wolff has also been rallying. And from the current grid Kubica should be counted as well if he gets that Haas reserve driver role.

        1. @huhhii I knew Toto had done some racing himself long ago but didn’t know that included rallying as well. As for Kubica, I just forgot to put him up there, although not relevant after all since he isn’t going to be racing in F1 next season, but would stay in the paddock if he indeed is going to become a test/development driver for Haas.

      2. If you ignore Red Bull and Mercedes, Haas are probably the most important team to start in F1 in the last 20 years because their model is the way of the future. When I say “model” I mean the way they go about constructing their car and building the team behind it. Unfortunately I don’t agree with their choice of drivers. I don’t consider the way they choose their drivers as leading edge. It is one thing to build an F1 car, it is another thing completely to make it into a racing car. One important part of making an F1 car into a racing car is to have a good driver. I suspect the 2020 season will be painful.

        1. @drycrust, elements of their model may be “the way of the future”, although some bits were already in practise anyway – Haas’s model is just an extension of what Sauber, Toro Rosso and Racing Point have been doing, and indeed the latter has already doing much of what Haas did for some years now (for example, the sub-contracting of part of the chassis design and construction work to third parties).

          1. Thanks for correcting me. Happy Christmas, and thanks for the interesting comments.

            1. @drycrust, well, it is fair to note that, whilst elements of Haas’s operating model were being employed elsewhere, Haas is one of the first teams that has combined all of those elements into a single package in recent years. Racing Point was probably the team that was closest to the way that Haas operates; Toro Rosso has kind of swung back and forth depending on how much component sharing the regulations permitted at the time.

              To some extent, it could be also be said that what Haas is doing now does have parallels with what Super Aguri and Toro Rosso were doing with customer chassis in the mid to late 2000s – the Super Aguri SA07 was a modified Honda RA106 chassis that they were given the rights to.

    4. No one will get a Sir for driving the fastest car that German engineering can produce.

      But go to Ferrari AND win! Now you’re talking turkey.

      1. Live in Monaco, get a knighthood in England, yeah sure.

        1. Kringle, in the same way that Jackie Stewart lives in Switzerland and won championships with the fastest car that French engineering could produce, yet also ended up with a knighthood?

          In fact, you’d be pretty hard pressed to find a championship winning driver from any nation for the last 30 or so years who actually lives in their home country (I believe Alonso is the only one who does so – he used to live in a tax haven, but moved back to Spain a few years ago). It’s a complaint that you can throw at pretty much any driver – figures like Hill, Button or Mansell are no different to Hamilton in that respect.

        2. The state of you, yuck. 🤢

      2. You know that the British royal family are essentially German right? This is the exact thing that is likely to happen!

    5. Wolf won’t take any role within F1, as long as Ferrari has a say (apparently it does) with that regard.
      Camilieri made it clear in a recent interview that they could use the veto in order to prevent such scenario from happening as it represents a conflict of interests and they will discuss the matter with Greg Maffei.
      Probably, Wolf won’t be impressed by Ferrari getting in his way for a possible career development. So him going to Ferrari is unlikely to happen at least for me.

      1. @tifoso1989, whilst Camilleri may have threatened to try and block Wolff being appointed to Liberty Media, there have been questions over whether he could actually do that.

        I believe Ferrari’s veto only applies to technical or sporting regulations, and the exact terms under which it can be used are limited (in that Ferrari has to demonstrate that it will be subject to harm by the proposed rule, plus safety related measures cannot be vetoed). The veto therefore only seems to directly apply to matters which fall under the FIA’s jurisdiction, so far as I can tell.

        Wolff would be working as part of Liberty Media, an independent commercial body. As such, I am not sure that Ferrari could veto his appointment directly – it should fall outside of their jurisdiction.

        Furthermore, so far as I can tell, Ferrari can’t really intervene directly within the Formula One Group either. A few teams have a nominal representation, but they don’t have any voting power when it comes to the board of directors – that would rule out that potential option for vetoing his appointment.

        All in all, I am doubtful that Camilleri could veto Wolff’s appointment directly – I imagine he would strongly protest, but it seems more likely that he could only exert indirect pressure (say, by vetoing changes to the sporting regulations that are backed by Liberty Media).

    6. Mark in Florida
      21st December 2019, 14:53

      Comment of the day is so far off. The parts from a Haas will not fit in a Ferrari chassis other than the shared parts that are allowed by the rules and even then I doubt it. People continually griping about Haases way of doing business in this current situation is being blind to the fact that a lot of teams are doing this or will shortly be doing the same thing to stay in it. This is the new model whether you like it or not. The days of building everything yourself is over unless you’re a manufacturer, ask Renault how even that’s working out. Haas is going through development problems like other small teams. It doesn’t mean they can’t build a car and besides they are still better than the “respected” Williams team.

    7. Had a quick look and cannot see anyone from ANY form of motorsport being recognised in the NY Honours …. plenty for civil servants, MPs, quango heads, etc etc …. even saw the current permanent secretary in the NI Gov who got senior honour for “services to Government in Northern Ireland”….. it doesnt and hasnt had a government in 3 years!!!!
      Its a mutual backslapping club, i feel sorry for the queen having to hand out this crap.

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