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Raikkonen lucky to finish after “full speed” wall strike

2018 Azerbaijan Grand Prix

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Kimi Raikkonen revealed he was lucky to finish the Azerbaijan Grand Prix after hitting a wall at one of the fastest parts of the track early in the race.

“On the first lap after the restart, on the little kink coming on the last part of the straight, I hit the inside wall at full speed,” said Raikkonen, who finished second. “So I’m pretty lucky that the front wheel didn’t go.”

The Ferrari driver’s race was compromised on the first lap when he tangled with Esteban Ocon and had to pit for a new front wing. Among his other near-misses was an off-track moment during his pre-race reconnaissance lap.

“A pretty eventful race today,” he said. “Got a destroyed front wing and tyre in the first few corners.

“I had a good feeling sometimes but was struggling to switch the tyres on, it was kind of on and off. I had a great many close moments. Even on the way to the grid I was pretty certain that it’s in the wall already but I managed to get it away from it. Too many close calls.”

However Raikkonen said he hadn’t just been lucky to finish second.

“I wouldn’t say that I have had a lot of luck over the years, but I don’t count on luck. You cannot count on that. I think you get what you deserve in a way and sometimes you are a bit luckier than other times. But if I take over the years, I’m far from on the positive side yet.

“Maybe today certain things worked in our direction but then whatever happened in front of us are self-made issues in many ways. Stay out of trouble in this kind of race and definitely, knowing what happened last year, it’s going to pay off.

“I’m more happy that I have the speed. I know that I have the speed. We just didn’t do it [with] the mistake yesterday and some issues earlier. That’s the main thing, that we have the speed. We just need to put it together and I’m sure that we can do even better.”

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  • 13 comments on “Raikkonen lucky to finish after “full speed” wall strike”

    1. I will say it again, Kimi will win the championship

      1. @johnmilk I wish that would happen as well, but unfortunately I doubt it.

      2. Kimi winning a championship is like winning a 20vs1000 fight. Kimi, his engineer, his pitcrew against Vettel and the Ferrari Motorsport Division. I, for one, would like to see Kimi go out with a bang. But if not him, I’d like to see Hamilton win in a car which isn’t exactly the best.

        1. Wait, kimi’s Engineer and pit crew are on HIS Side????

          1. XDDD One has to hope…

      3. Love his dig at his own career though.

        But if I take over the years, I’m far from on the positive side yet

        Recently watched the 2002 year review, i gotta say he’s right

        1. at leas he is “more happy”

        2. Try 2005 as well!

      4. Maybe he should try winning a race first…

    2. Ferrari build strong race cars.

    3. I think Kimi’s a contender this year.

      Too often in the past he has tended to give up fighting when the car or the situation isn’t absolutely perfect to his liking. But now he seems to have a new attitude. He keeps pushing, not getting disheartened, racing to the end and accepting the results philosophically.

    4. I wouldn’t have admitted making another mistake when it wasn’t even broadcast.
      It makes me feel anyone can jump into his car and drive better than he does.

      1. Like Perez!

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