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Felipe Massa, Ferrari, Monza, 2010

The cars sported a range of different aerodynamic packages in practice today. Some used conventional shallow Monza wings, some used normal shaped wings and several experimented with whether or not to use their F-ducts.

Have a look at who was trying what in the pictures from today’s practice sessions below.

2010 Italian Grand Prix

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Images ?? Ferrari spa,, Getty Images/Red Bull, Force India F1 Team, Bridgestone / Ercole Colombo, Williams/LAT, Daimler, BMW Sauber F1 Team, Renault/LAT

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18 comments on “Italian Grand Prix practice in pictures”

  1. A disappointing lack of f-duct-less McLaren, but otherwise, again a very good set of pictures Keith. I like that one of Massa and engineer smiling while watching the timing screen, and several pictures really give a good impression of the speed of F1 cars around the track.

    1. Agree. Nice to see Massa’s happy smile.

      I hope the pictures from the second session give us some of Lewis running without F-duct.

    2. I was too interested on the rw28-less pics.the car looked a lot nicer less E.T. alike interesting to see the use again like last gp of 2 wings both vibrating alot under braking more than usually but not very impressive

  2. Just an observation, about 70% of the Red Bull pictures this year have been of Vettel. More Webber please!!!

    1. No, more Vettel! More Vettel!

  3. Its interesting what they’ve done with the Turn 1 chicane, but the stewards will have to be alert at the start of the race.

  4. Great photos. I would love a few panning shots of massa driving but it always seems to be every other team that gets the panning shots and never a ferrari.

  5. Good gravy, look at the amount of wing on the McLarens (and the Renault). It looks like the Hungaroring spec. Especially compared to RBR.

    1. That Mclaren wing looks like it’s from the 70’s….i’ll bet they have the F-duct blow air off the full trailing edge.

    2. Yeah, McLaren, Renault, and HRT all look to be running monstrous wings compared to the other teams. Torro Rosso don’t appear to have any wing at all, which would explain why they’re so fast in the speed trap.

  6. did force india f1 team have braught any upgrades…cant see in those pics

  7. I find the look of that first chicane very sad. Kerbs on a run off area/escape road :S.

    1. I think it isn’t just a run-off area, its an alternate layout which can be used for other categories (i.e. bikes)

  8. Younger Hamilton
    10th September 2010, 16:42

    Lovely shots but i want some with McLaren not running their F-duct

  9. Massa said he missed his grid slot in Belgium as he sits too low in the car to be able to see the lines. Certainly seems to be the case!

    Alonso –

    Massa –

    1. I remember noting earlier in the season how low he was in the car and thinking it did seem like he was low to the extreme and that it might be affecting his visibility.

      1. It might explain some wet weather slips on curbs/white lines too, I guess.

  10. I really like the ones of Alonso, Buemi, Yamamoto, Petrov and Schumacher.

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