Ferrari not decided who will test ‘F2010’ first

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Ferrari has confirmed it will join the other F1 teams for the test session at Valencia on February 1st.

However, contrary to some reports, the team says it has not yet decided whether Fernando Alonso or Felipe Massa will be first to drive the new car.

According to Ferrari’s Luca Colajanni:

Scuderia Ferrari Marlboro will attend the first test in Valencia but the schedule has not yet been arranged in details.
Luca Colajanni

Massa had a late run in the F2007 in December as he completed his recovery from injury.

Ferrari are also yet to announce what their new car will be called. For the past nine years they’ve generally stuck to a clear pattern: F2001, F2002, F2003 and so on. The exception was in 2006 when they raced the 248-F1, named after the new engine configuration introduced to Formula 1 that year.

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22 comments on “Ferrari not decided who will test ‘F2010’ first”

  1. Terry Fabulous
    4th January 2010, 10:33

    I think it should be Fred.
    He has less experience in Ferrari’s then Phil and it would be more of a media event if it was him in the new Ferrari.

  2. must Massa to do the test first as he know the car more than Alonso, when they change to better setup hand it to Alonso

    1. I think this makes the most sense. No point giving the car to Fernando if it’s not handling right – it would be easier for Massa to iron out the kinks.

  3. I reckon it will be Massa. Whichever driver it is, there is going to be a lot of media attention – people want to see Massa after his accident and people want to see Alonso driving the Ferrari.

  4. Where is the test being held? That might sway the minds of the team.

  5. February 1, 2 and 3 – Valencia
    February 10, 11, 12 and 13 – Jerez
    February 17, 18, 19 and 20 – Jerez
    February 25, 26, 27 and 28 – Barcelona

    I think Massa should get to test first, as he has been injured and hasn’t driven the last 7 or 8 races.

    1. If it’s in Spain then Alonso will be in the car first. Something for the fans to see.

  6. they’ve generally stuck to a clear pattern: F2001, F2002, F2003 and so on. The exception was in 2006 when they raced the 248-F1

    and last year of course when it was called the F60!

    1. Right, celebrating the 60 years of Ferrari in F1 I think…

  7. I don’t know what all the fuss is about really, they will split the time evenly after all.

  8. I guess may be this time Alonso may get his chance.

  9. I would like to see both drivers, even knowing it´s not possible. In Spain Alonso will have an upper hand, but i suspect that Massa will have the first go!

  10. Give Luca Badoer a run around in it haha

  11. I’ll drive the thing then. Problem solved:)

  12. Latest report in the Europa Press claims Fernando will test all 3 days at Valencia from February 1st. Massa has been out of serious action for almost half last season so it makes sense to accustom Alonso to his new team first!! He will thrash Massa hands down in the same car, and Ferrari would do well to leave Massa in no doubt before the season gets underway that they are looking to Alonso to lead the team, the very mistake McIdiots made which cost them 2 world championships in 2007!!!! #:)

  13. My money is on Alonso to go first!

  14. uhh? i thought santander is their title sponsor?

    1. Mouse_Nightshirt
      5th January 2010, 8:05

      As far as I’m aware, Santander “bought” space off Marlboro. Marlboro are still title sponsors.

      1. I think Santander will have their logo on the nose, since it’s been empty since the end of 2007. Barcodes will remain on the wing and sides until Marlboro deal runs out in 2011. (When Tobacco Sponsorship becomes illegal, I think.)

  15. yes… and santander never paid that much to be a title sponsor and moreover they are sponsoring MClaren too..

  16. Will Ferrari only have one 2010 car ready for the first test or do the new testing rules mean they will only be allowed one car?

  17. And the F2003-GA!

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