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The FIA-FOTA row is still rumbling on with fresh objections from the teams and even murmurings of discontent from one of the putative new outfits which didn’t get a place for 2010.

Plus with the British Grand Prix coming up next thoughts are turning to whether there will be an F1 race in Britain at all next year.

Teams attack chief F1 steward’s impartiality

"The letter alleges that [Alan] Donnelly was going around from team to team telling them to abandon the FOTA stance and sign up for 2010. It amounted to behaviour which the teams considered not appropriate for a man whose role at the races is to convene and oversee the stewards and to take a totally impartial view of problems arising on the track." (Thanks Persempre!)

Lola to make F1 decision on Tuesday

Lola's Martin Birrane: "We will know more on Tuesday, we have to sit down and talk about it. We found out on Friday and haven't had time really to sit and ponder about it since. We're reviewing the situation."

Montezemolo still bullish on breakaway

Luca di Montezemolo: "You all know our position, we've told you more than once: we want stability, certain rules, a clear and transparent governance system and the possibility to let the teams work the way they already showed they can work on a reduction of the costs. I really hope that we can find a solution. I'm convinced that there are responsible people at the FIA,who know about the situation."

Lewis Hamilton admits he may follow McLaren out of F1

Lewis Hamilton: "I've got a contract with McLaren and I will go wherever they go. That's the way it is. It is about the FIA and the teams. But it is my job to get in the car and drive."

Manor boss: Budget cap was critical

John Booth, Manor boss: "It's really the budget cap that's enabled us and other new teams to come in and compete." Has Mosley picked three new teams who are most likely to be dependent on the budget cap to compete next year?

Montezemolo: FIA reform or breakaway

"In a couple of years the problem with Formula 1 will be solved – as I really hope, with a responsible FIA, as we want, or, as happens in other sports, organising our own championship. Because when you have engines, gearboxes, brands, technology, organisation, capability to invest, it is not difficult. So the problem will be solved, I hope very soon."

Download venue ‘can cope with F1’

Simon Gillett: "People say, 'How will you get a Grand Prix crowd in here without cars?'. Well, look what's happening here – we've got 100,000 people and there's not a car on site. This is almost a public transport concert so you're going to see that here this weekend."

The Death of the 2010 British Grand Prix?

"The 2010 British Grand Prix isn’t going to happen and somebody has to say it. The sooner we realise this the better we will all be. The 2010 season will go down in history as a dark year for the British as the once epicentre of world motorsport loses its Grand Prix after 62 years."

Heidfeld hopes to keep Silverstone on the calendar

"I would be really disappointed if Silverstone did end up being taken off the calendar. I've never found the circuit outdated – traditional yes, but not antiquated. In addition to the wonderful corners at the track, the very special atmosphere generated by the fans would be a big loss."

Wheel of fortune turns full circle for Jenson Button

On lap 37 of last year’s rain-soaked British Grand Prix, Jenson Button was the fastest man on the track. No-one noticed. He was, after all, in 10th place, almost a lap behind Lewis Hamilton. One lap later, Button was climbing from a car he had beached in the gravel trap as Hamilton continued serenely towards victory — and ultimately a world championship.

Worlds apart: Final Silverstone British GP will show just how big the gap between Hamilton and Button has become

Nigel Mansell: "I don’t think there’s any question of Jenson not being world champion"

Lewis Hamilton black flagged over merchandise offer

The Daily Mirror has a go at McLaren for offering 'free' Lewis Hamilton flags when you buy a T-shirt. Amusingly, underneath it is an advert from Betfair offering a 'free' £25 bet – providing you register an account and deposit money in it. People in glass houses…

F1 big picture

More of Darren Heath's excellent F1 photography

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19 comments on “F1 links: Teams complain about Donnelly”

  1. Mark Hitchcock
    14th June 2009, 23:36

    re: death of the British grand prix: It will probably be a good thing if we’re talking about the British Grand Prix this time next year and not talking about how F1 has turned crap since all the big teams left…

    1. I agree it will a time of joy if we’re all talking about the result of the British Grand prix 2010. I don’t care about the venue, just so long as there is a race and for years to come.
      The icing on the cake would be to have no involvement from Max Mosley and Bernie Ecclestone.

  2. every year it’s the same old BS with F1. at least the cries of ferrari favoritism have quieted. the longer this goes on, the more i want f1 to implode and a team-led GP series to take its place.

    1. Yeah odd, we finally get clear proof of Ferrari’s favoritism and then noone cares anymore.

      1. I guess you mean the veto, Patrick?

        It`s very easy to read it as favouritism but think about this.
        Ferrari were the first to sign that agreement. There could be no F1 Commission with only one team signed up. How else could Ferrari stop the FIA making hair-brained changes to technical regulations at their whim & fancy?
        When other teams signed, it has been said, the agreement would revert to the Concorde Agreement arrangements.
        The veto was never used, even against technical regulations which appeared to go against Ferrari`s interests. So, Ferrari chose not to take advantage.
        What should really worry people is the fact that the FIA & FOM were willing to single out a team for different treatment. On that occasion it was Ferrari but how many other times have similar incentives been given to other teams which have not come to light?
        Divide & conquer worked for Max & Bernie for decades & it is still the way they try to enforce their rule.
        This is why it is important that FOTA stay as unified as possible. Ultimately, it is in the teams best interests to do so.

    2. Well maybe people have now realised that the favouritism people barked about for years is now known as true then what is the point harking on about it.

  3. Now that ACEA have come out in support, and FOTA have approached WSMC directly, is there a possiblity that the Motoring Associations in Europe will begin to be pressured against Max too?
    The other thought I have had is that the likes of BMW and Mercedes could refuse to enter any FIA controlled event in Europe for the rest of the year. I know this would be upsetting to the fans (including me), but actions speak louder than words….
    Also, I don’t know if you picked up on Ferrari’s Luca de-whatsit at Le Mans, waving the start flag, fueling speculation that they have firm plans to return there…..
    And on cost-cutting. The boss of BTCC (Bernies equivalent) has begun discussions with the teams about the future of the sport, and how to make more efficient cars and cut the costs. Unlike how Max is going about it, they are starting discussions now, but don’t expect to reach any decisions until next year at the earliest, let alone start building ‘new’ cars. One of the points under debate is whether rear-wheel drive cars should be allowed, as there are both pros and cons to them….

    1. The F1 Commission which used to be used to help prepare new regs functioned in much the same way.
      It hasn`t been called in years probably because it was part of the Concorde Agreement.
      The 2010 regulations ensure that it will not be called again (they state the FIA can change regualtions as & when they wish)which is probably one of the big reasons FOTA aren`t happy & want a Concorde Agreement signed.

      1. FOTA want their Concorde agreement signed, and not either Bernie’s or Max’s :-)

        1. The easiest way for me to answer this is to refer you to Wiki (not the best source but they have a fairly succinct summing up as follows:

          On 7 December, 2004, at a meeting attended by the bosses of all the teams but Ferrari, Ecclestone offered a payout of £260,000,000 over three years in return for unanimous renewal of the Concorde Agreement, which would guarantee the continuation of Formula One in its present form at least until the expiration of that contract.

          On 19 January, Ferrari announced it has signed an extension to the 1997 Agreement to expire on 31 December, 2012.
          Later in 2005, Red Bull and Jordan/Midland also signed an extension.
          On the 7 December, 2005, Williams F1 became the fourth team to sign an extension to the agreement.

          On 27 March, 2006, the five Grand Prix Manufacturers Association-backed teams submitted their applications for the 2008 season. On 14 May, 2006, the five GPMA-backed teams signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the commercial rights holders (CVC/Ecclestone) which will form the basis of the next Concorde Agreement.
          On 30 July, 2008, the teams created FOTA (Formula One Team Associates) to negotiate the terms of contract.

          1. Now I understand! No wonder Ferrari are miffed at Max suddenly changing the rules, it isn’t what they signed up for (and presumably isn’t covered by the Memo of Understanding unless its very vaguely worded).
            So why isn’t Bernie upset with Max as well? His attempts to get a Concorde Agreement seem to have hit a brick wall. Could there be some sort of ‘Gentlemen’s Ageement’ between the old dudes allowing them to play around with the suckers who run the teams?

        2. With Bernie & Max, who knows?
          I think the media has made by far too much of the money side & hardly covered the other issues at all.
          The governance is equally as important.

  4. I have seen Alan Donnelly’s impartially called into question on here and other sites many times before so this latest story doesn’t surprise me.

    Only a paper like The Daily Mirror could come up with a story like that on Hamilton, get a free flag with an order is the sort of deal you get with loads of shops. When you see stories like this you know they must have it in for Hamilton, last year they would have reported it in a positive light by saying the generous people at McLaren give you a free flag when you buy some stuff.

  5. Roll on friday…

  6. Bigbadderboom
    15th June 2009, 19:49

    Is Donnelly just another glove puppet for Max now!, I don’t trust Donnelly anyway, and it’s good to see his position called into question, as it may reaffirm some real impartiallity in the stewarding.

    1. i don’t trust anybody in the FIA fullstop, or for the americans Period.lol

      1. OOOpps i just realised how my comment there may have looked.

        I did not mean i have a problem with americans, i do live amongst a few hundred million of them.

        I meant the Americans say period, not Fullstop.

  7. OI’m rather late with this, but I’ve only just gotten back from the above mentioned Download festival – I wouldn’t mind a bit of clarification on the ‘no cars on site’ claim, as there were several surrounding fields full of cars this past weekend. If Gillett means that there were no cars within the confines of Donington Park itself, that’s obvious; Download itself his year, meaning the multiple campsites and main arena, takes up virtually the entire space save for the actual circuit. It’s like saying that there are no cars parked on the track!

    Aside from that, I have to report that leaving the site by car today presented few problems. Everything was handled sensibly and the only serious queue we encountered was due to a car getting stuck in the mud at the exit of the car park. If Gillett’s plan for a public transport GP comes to fruition, that sort of thing might not be an issue.

    (Sorry for the long, and possibly irrelevant, comment!)

  8. I’m gonna go out a limb and say that the British Grand Prix will be Button’s 1st dnf of 2009 and may even be the venue of Rubens’ 1st win of 2009

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