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We are not likely to see a repeat of the heavy rain we saw in 2008 in this year’s British Grand Prix.

The outlook for the weekend is dry with warm temperatures pushing up towards 20C.

This will follow a week of largely wet weather which should leave the track very ‘green’ on Friday. The likelihood of rain on Friday is rated at 20%, the highest of the three day event.

For detailed weather forecasts in the run-up to the race, keep an eye on the UK Met Office and BBC weather websites.

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13 comments on “British Grand Prix weather forecast”

  1. Simon Pearce
    14th June 2009, 13:16

    Great news! Fingers crossed it’s right as we were predicted heavy rain today and it’s cracking the flags!

  2. I hope it stays dry, it’ll be the first GP I’ve ever gone to!

  3. Hope its not dry or its going to be another predictable Button/Brawn win

    1. Agreed i would like some rain (Not as much as last year tho) in fact i might take my jet washer and create my own rain.

      1. Maybe a wet/dry mix would be good :)

  4. The way the British weather is at the moment, I’d say there’s an equal chance of rain and shine.

    1. “at the moment” ? : )

  5. woop woop dry weather for silverstone carnt wait soaked last time froze for 2 days :)

  6. Although I wouldn’t want rain if I was attending the race itself, as someone who will be watching it on TV I would quite like a wet race as I think the races are usually more entertaining in the wet.

  7. Sort of off topic.
    Ferrari have a colour in their range called Grigio Silverstone (Silverstone Grey).
    Someone has obviously spent too many wet holidays or GPs here ;)

  8. Just checked WweatherMan’s link and it says rain on Sunday at 1pm!!!!

  9. I would’nt want rain at any cost, i’m actually going to qualifying and the race, the tickets are expensive and if you have rain it mereley increases the risk of cars off track and not finishing at a very early stage of the race, it’s a lot of money to see cars stuck in the gravel traps and not on track, it’s hardly a race or entertaining is it.

    Love and Peace.

  10. Update

    The forecast has been revised slightly for the weekend. Temperatures are now expected to be in the high teens (Celsius) and there is a risk of light showers on Saturday

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